Next Generation Gift Bows

Why Gliza®?


Gliza Paper Bows™ are an eye-catching and elegant way to make your gifts stand out!

I love that the bows were invented in America and that the artist who created the bows manufactures in the United States instead of in China. 

Janet Skeslien Charles, Paris

Every Christmas I pack up gifts for relatives. Those that get mailed usually don't get bows because I know they will be ruined. When we pack up gifts to local family, we always have multiple boxes going into large bags and I carry my bows separate to put on gifts when we arrive at our holiday celebrations. That's all a thing of the past now! This year whether the gifts are hand-delivered, mailed, or if I'm just looking to dazzle up a gift certificate or envelope, I'll be using Gliza® Paper Bows™.”     

Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva

“Finally, I can send a gift, feel like it's been wrapped with love and caring, and know it will arrive in the same beautiful condition as it was sent!

Thanks for filling this much needed niche.”

Sandy H., Wisconsin

These work so well for me! When I travel, I throw these in my bag and I know my gifts will always look amazing.

Laura A., Montana

About Us

Our Mission

To delight gift recipients everywhere - at first sight.

The moment a gift is received - the heart is touched. We want to make that very moment the best it can be.

Quality Commitment

Our products are designed and manufactured entirely in the USA. 

Product Innovation

DL Michael Enterprises, LLC, is commited to quality and innovation in the important art of gift giving. 

Gliza® Paper Bows™ help people everywhere deliver beautiful gifts and delight all gift recipients.