I created Gliza® Paper Bows™ to solve the universal problem of crushed bows, and to help people give gifts that delight the special people in their lives.

These re-imagined gift bows solve the problem of crushed, crinkled bows, messy bags of bows, ugly bows, and bows that do not withstand travel or shipping. 

When very young, I received Christmas gifts from my wonderful Aunt Margaret each year. A big box would arrive containing a gift for me and my siblings. I remember the joy and excitement of holding those special presents. But, something else stayed with me - those beautiful, loving, thoughtful gifts were topped with a smashed bow. Somehow that seemed incongruous to me, even as a very little girl.

Years later, as I wrapped gifts for friends and family -- often across the country -- I found myself searching fruitlessly for simple, yet beautiful and elegant gift bows. Recognizing that gift giving is a very significant part of our lives, I decided to design a product that would work for everyone.

My company, DL Michael Enterprises, LLC, is committed to quality and innovation in the important art of gift giving. Gliza® Paper Bows™ help people everywhere deliver beautiful gifts and delight gift recipients.