About Us


Gliza® Paper Bows™ are the inspiration of Diane W. Bayuk, a Montana designer.

Diane's re-imagined gift bows solve the problem of crushed, crinkled bows, messy bags of bows, ugly bows, and bows that do not withstand travel or shipping.

When very young, Diane would receive Christmas gifts from her wonderful Aunt Margaret each year. A big box would arrive containing a gift for her, and her siblings as well. She remembers the joy and excitement of holding those special presents. But, something else stayed with her - those beautiful, loving, thoughtful gifts were topped with a smashed bow. Somehow that seemed incongruous to her, even as a little girl.

Years later, as she wrapped gifts for friends and family -- often across the country -- she found herself searching fruitlessly for simple, yet beautiful and elegant gift bows. Recognizing that gift giving is a very significant part of our lives, she decided to design a product for the world that she would love to use herself.

Using her degree in fine arts and her interest in design, she studied bow ribbons, sketching hundreds of patterns and proofing multiple color combinations and emboss patterns before finalizing Gliza® Paper Bows™, an innovation in gift giving.

Her company, DL Michael Enterprises, LLC, is committed to quality and innovation in the important art of gift giving. We want  Gliza® Paper Bows™ to help people everywhere deliver beautiful gifts and delight gift recipients.

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